Are you a youth athlete between the ages of 10 and 18 looking to take your training to the next level?

With over 18 years of experience coaching youth athletes, JCT can help you achieve those goals!

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About JFC

Joseph Colville Fitness (JCF) is a fitness company focused on youth athletes. Helping them to develop healthy, active lifestyles in the best way possible.

We host a variety of fitness training classes in San Juan & Guaynabo, Puerto Rico, for all ages and readiness levels, incorporating many different workout programs designed to get the athletes moving, learning, and sweating!

From the youth athlete trying to make the team to the high school athlete working to compete at the next level, our flexible training schedule is easily adaptable for your busy life. We are especially adept at customizing a youth athletic training program to complement school hours and team commitments.

We will custom design a youth athletic training program to fit your team schedule and goals. We’ll help develop superior athletes while allowing coaches to focus their limited practice time on strategy and on-field execution.

No-kid-left-behind-JCF Policy

While many of our youth athletes are looking to take their game to the next level. Here at JCF we welcome all levels of athleticism or lack thereof. Only thing we ask in return is a total commitment (From kids and parents) of doing your best and being present. We want youth to move, sweat and develop strength through hard work and dedication.

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Our expertise


“Life doesn’t give us purpose, we give life purpose”

– The Flash (Barry Allen) –


“Life is like exercise, the hard it is, the stronger you will become”



“It never gets easier, you only get better”



“Success is not given is earn”



“Start unknown, finish unforgettable”


Injury Prevention

“Take care of your body, is the only place you have to live”

– Jim Rhon –

Mental Toughness

“Mental toughness is when you can fuel in an empty tank”



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Fernando Olviver (17)

“I have been practicing with Joseph since I was eight years old, and I continue today that I am 17. Before training with Joseph, I was not athletic, but I wanted to improve in the areas of Track & Field and Cross Country; for this reason, I started training with him 3 or 4 days a week, and thanks to that, I have greatly improved my form, technique, speed, and strength. Over the years, I had managed to pass many of my friends who were faster than me before I started, so I recently came in second in the Cross Country meet for my age. Joseph’s practice has always helped me because he is demanding, but not so demanding that you die. In this way, he has helped me establish a routine I can maintain in the future. Thank you!”

Patricia Vila (17)

“I have been training with Joseph for the past three years. I am constantly involved in sports and knew I needed additional training to improve my performance and physical condition. Joseph’s specific training style was undoubtedly one of the most significant factors in my improvement. His style demands a lot of commitment, respect, and discipline, one of the essential qualities an athlete must possess. This training has not only helped me improve my physical condition but also in life. Managing and balancing different activities during my weeks helped me develop discipline. The most I remember from training are the burpees he had us do when we were late for practice!”

Geny (15)

“I’ve been training with Joseph for a year. Mainly I just wanted to exercise to improve my physical condition. But this year, I have seen immense physical and personal changes. My internships with Joseph have helped me with my discipline and focus. Not only in exercise but also in other aspects of my life, such as academics. My performance in volleyball and other sports has been one of the most drastic changes I have seen, as I have more strength and endurance. In addition, I can add that I can have more time to share with my family since I exercise with my sister and my parents accompany me. Although Joseph is very strict with the exercises, I find him very funny and super cool, so I recommend him 300%!”

Father and daughter: Chiara Fontana, 14, and Pascal Fontana

(Pascal) “We have been with Joseph for around five years. We came to him through friends of my daughter Natalia who played volleyball, and I liked what I saw in her. She gave Natalia the results, so I saw an opportunity for my other children, Jean Vick, Chiara, and me.”

(Chiara)” When I started with Joseph, I was not too fond of exercise or going to the gym, but he brought me the pleasure of exercising, he gave me a lot of discipline, and I established a routine. He also gave me a lot of security and confidence in the exercise.”

 (Pascal) “I realized that I needed help with my fitness. I was an athlete, but over the years, I lost focus on taking care of myself, and since I started with him, everything has been positive. First, he gave me structure and discipline, which is always the most difficult part because when you are professional, you often do not give importance to exercising and taking care of yourself. It helped me a lot with nutrition, which is something significant. It is not only a matter of exercising but also of eating well, and I learned to eat healthier, take advantage and look for other help that brought me many benefits…” “…it was not only with food but also in my work, in my spirit, in my home. I like to go exercise.” I will try to get out of the office as soon as possible. It is also an opportunity to share a different moment with Kiara, with my son. What can I say about Joseph? He is a person who cares about you. He is not subtle; he speaks directly to you, is sincere, and he is a professional in the end. I consider him a friend. In the family, we consider him a friend. But it’s not that we like to chat that when we get to practice we don’t take it lightly, it’s to work, to do exercises to train and I think he’s FANTASTIC, so I recommend them to everyone.”

José Rodríguez (16)

“I’ve been training for four years. My goal in training was to be faster and jump more. This style of Joseph has helped me achieve my goals because he is strict, focused, and knowledgeable about the subject, and he knows how to work with your limits and push you past them. All of this made me a better athlete, and I felt better about my body and myself. The most I remember from training is getting up every Saturday at 6:00 am to run long distances or do hills.”

Bettina Iglesias

“I will talk about my experience training with Joseph. Before training with him, I hated working out and running. I didn’t know how to exercise correctly. He would often correct me to ensure he was doing the technique correctly. He had goals to get better at volleyball and improve my body and mindset toward exercise. My training with Joseph taught me how to get into a routine at the gym and not be afraid to work out. Like running and using it to lower anxiety. Taking an hour out of my day, which is very little, influenced my life because now I use those techniques like lifting weights and running correctly. I remember that he always told me that I have to breathe well. I can’t stay without breathing, just like when I did sit-ups, my breathing was always lousy, and he helped me improve that. I want to say that I go to the gym every day, but I go 3 to 4 times a week, and it was thanks to Joseph, thanks to that base, that I can say that I exercise well, and I am super grateful to have had the experience of being able to train with the. Thank you so much!”

Javier Rodríguez

“Hello, I’m Javier Rodriguez, father of Jose Carlos and Enrique Javier. We have been training with Joseph for about 4-5 years; the experience has been very enriching. I have seen how excellent athletes have developed. All this work that Joseph has put into these guys has helped them with their speed, strength, stamina, agility, coordination, and from my point of view, their self-esteem. They know that hard work pays dividends and that sometimes your mind thinks you can’t get things done, and when you push yourself harder, you realize you can get a lot more done; Joseph has a way of working with these guys and getting the most out of them. I thought going around the track for a lap was impossible, and suddenly they ran that lap at 100% of their capacity. One of Joseph’s favorite workouts is plyometrics (they seem silly that you’re there for an hour, and after that, you don’t feel anything. It has helped these guys a lot in their performance on the court, be it in volleyball to get to a ball, block, or in basketball, that first offensive or defensive step—Joseph is an excellent coach. As a human being, even better. He has a way of working with the boys, handling the parents (we are not easy), and getting the best performance out of them. both of them.”

Ivonete Clemente da Silva Miyake

“The first contact we had with Joseph was to improve the running skills of my son Caio, who was already practicing Tracking & Cross Country. After working with Joseph for a year, we saw significant improvements in Caio’s performance and results. But for me as a mother, the most important thing has been not only the support as a Coach but also the psychological support Joseph gave my children during all this time, mainly during the pandemic. When the pandemic began, Joseph located a nice but safe place, respecting all the COVID protocols, so that not only my children but also us as a family could have a space to relax, to get out of the house. During this period, Cleo joined us, and so we practiced as a family. We learned running skills, like working with your weight and stretching. It has been a beautiful time, and Joseph’s support for my children has been spectacular. These two years with Joseph were one of the most beautiful experiences we had in Puerto Rico. We consider him more than a coach, a very dear friend. I advise all parents who have the opportunity to start an activity with Joseph.”

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